Sony A1 + the very new DZOFILM Catta Zoom 18-35mm

Waterfalls and old abandoned mills in the forest. A real world scenario with the very new Catta Zoom 18-35mm and my Sony A1, in 8K. […]

21 janvier

At the beginning of January, I rediscovered Schubert’s serenade, and it irresistibly made me want to shoot slow-motion images, black and white and a bit […]

Foam Drive Renegades

A gang of petty criminals enlists the last-minute help of an irrational acquaintance to pull off a robbery. Oh yeah, he’s a puppet. Winner of […]

The One

A dark and funny meditation on the nature of love from David Shane, Scott Organ and B-Negative


Ský means cloud in Icelandic.  This is the first time I saw so many clouds and rains during my holidays. At the beginning of my […]


A schoolgirl with amnesia wakes to a deadly ultimatum. A violent, bloody journey of self-discovery. Will she make it to the library to avoid disembowelment? […]

Movie Mind Machine

Two movie buffs invent a memory-erasing machine that allows them to watch their favorite movies over and over again like the first time. Starring comedians […]

Thinking About

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Mastergate – Promo Trailer

Written By LARRY GELBART (based on his Broadway play) Directed by MICHAEL ENGLER Produced by DAVID JABLIN Exec. Producers CHARLES H. JOFFE & ROBERT B. […]

Nuisance Bear

A documentary by Jack Weisman and Gabriela Osio Vanden, follows polar bears as they clash with a gaggle of tourists, wildlife officers, and the residents […]


No one spends more time around the world’s most famous artwork than the security guards who protect it. But did you know many of those […]

Welcome to Synth

Welcome to Synth is an introduction to the creative possibilities of synthesizers. To learn more about the project or about how to get started with […]