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House of Wolves – “Love is a War”

“Love is a War” a film by Tyler T. Williams. Singer-songwriter Rey Villalobos III portrays his grandfather, Rey Villalobos I, who served in WWII. The […]

Oscar – “Good Things”

Director/Editor/Producer: Bryan Schlam Director Of Photography: Ben Carey Production Designers: Ali & Gilli Glatt Producer: Izzy Cohan Hair/Makeup/FX: Jessie Eden Colorist: Jaime O’Bradovich VFX: John […]

Client Liaison- World Of Our Love

Made by Oh Yeah Wow: Facebook: Twitter: @ohyeahwow Instagram: oh_yeah_wow Performed by Client Liaison: Facebook: Twitter: @clientliaison Instagram: @clientliaison

Mykki Blanco – High School Never Ends (ft. Woodkid) (Official Music Video)

Purchase “High School Never Ends” Here: The video for “High School Never Ends,” the lead single from Mykki Blanco’s as-yet-unannounced new album, is a […]

Ava Raiin – Eagle Eye (Official Music Video)

A beautiful landscape and experimental visuals create the world of “Eagle Eye” which represents our dichotomous world, the outside “real” world and the world inside […]

Princess Chelsea – Is It All OK?

From ‘The Great Cybernetic Depression’ out now on Lil’ Chief / Flying Nun Records. The Great Cybernetic Depression Featuring vocals from Joe Astle […]

Buvette – Pan European Recordings

Festivals : Art All Night – Trenton 152e Journées de Soleure / BEST SWISS VIDEO CLIP (Suisse) Toronto Arthouse Festival (Canada) LAMVF (Los Angeles) Faut […]

Darlingside – White Horses (Official Music Video)

Darlingside’s “White Horses” and full-length album ‘Birds Say’ available here: Animator/Director: Abraham Dieckman Producer: Timothy Hahn Music/Lyrics: Darlingside More from Abraham Dieckman here: […]

TOYBLOÏD • If You Dare • (Official Music Video)

• If You Dare • Music video for Toybloïd Directed by Paulynka Hricovini & Anthony Sarrus (aka Framekit studio) Produced by Les Films de Morphée […]

Twenty One Pilots – Choker (Official Video)

Twenty One Pilots official video for “Choker” from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen. Twenty One Pilots – […]

林瑪黛Ma-te Lin【馬戲團】Circus | official music video

希望所有被奴役的心, 都能得到釋放, 你看見了嗎? ————————————————————————— 林瑪黛首支以手繪逐格動畫結合3D背景的MV 由導演小油與動畫監製陳佑誠 兩個實踐媒體傳設計學系的同班同學首度聯手合作 陳佑誠參與許多業界動畫製作 包括電視廣告、MV、劇情片、遊戲 剛由海外菁英計畫的法國動畫學校Supinfocom歸國 即加入這次動畫MV的製作行列 由小油擅長的插畫風格進行動畫的美術設計 結合陳佑誠的出色逐格動畫專長 歷經三個月嘔心瀝血的密集製作 在陳佑誠帶領的動畫團隊 以及和優秀的動畫公司豐饒之海合作之下 終於完成了馬戲團這首現實與奇幻交錯的作品 This is an animated music video of Ma-te […]

Transpose by Super Magic Hats

Music: Transpose by Super Magic Hats (Rob Masterton) Concept, animation and direction: Tessa Chong Illustration and animation: Lee Arkapaw Hear more from the Super Magic […]