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Wonders of Egypt

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve dreamt about traveling to Egypt. It was a brief visit, but truly amazing to experience some of […]

Two Wandering Souls | Iceland

A few days in Iceland. Captured with the BMPCC4K & Mavic Pro 2. By Neal Howland |

Dichotomy | Shoot.Edit Reel

Nostalgic for travel and trapped indoors during the height of the pandemic, I went through and edited together a bunch of footage that I’d filmed […]

For a Better Tomorrow.

Inspired by the forgotten war relics of remote South Pacific Islands. If you’ve never heard of the Solomon Islands, you’re not alone. Many of the […]


Hey world look at us! We are ordinary people who love their country, their family, their home! Each has its own story and its own […]

Lahore | Cinematic travel

This is my city Lahore, full of culture and history. I filmed this sequence last month and had the opportunity to interact with individuals who […]

Lost in Kathmandu

Dawn lazily turns the labyrinth of pastel-coloured houses nestled on the valley floor to a faded orange while Kathmandu wakes up. Dust, traffic jam, butchers […]

Nevermind the Shallow

A trip to to determinate. – Nevermind the Shallow is a very personal short film project of mine. Shot in Madeira and the Azores in […]

Kyiv Forever | Київ назавжди

I was visiting Ukraine by the end of last summer and stayed a few days in Kyiv. People called it the “New Berlin” back then […]

California Natural by Martha Stoumen Wines

California Natural offers a sensuous immersion into the world of natural winemaking pioneer, Martha Stoumen. The film illuminates this first generation winemaker’s ethos and values […]


Series of TV commercials for Quitoque directed by Günther Gheeraert Production: KÖM Producer: Camille Midiere Director: Günther Gheeraert DP: Antonio Gil Cameraman: Guilaume Mougin AC: […]