Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan

In March of 2015, I set off to the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Syria to begin a new personal project. In the beginning, I thought perhaps it would be a still photography trip only. But just as I left the door, I decided to grab my GoPro kit in case anything interesting happened and I could just film it myself. This is that footage.

00:00 – Intro, Joey departs NYC
01:31 – Preparation in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan
02:15 – PKK Guerrillas in Makhmour
05:41 – Crossing the border into Syria, YPG/J Guerrillas in Rojava
07:19 – Interview with YPJ members
09:07 – Daily life on a YPG/J base and photoshoot
10:13 – Clash in Tel Tamer, dead ISIS fighters
12:38 – Interview with American YPG Fighter “Fat Jack” in Tel Tamer
13:44 – Tel Hamis liberation, guerrillas living in abandoned ISIS base
16:38 – Urban exploration of abandoned ISIS base
20:28 – Overview of humanitarian crisis on Sinjar mountain
23:10 – ISIS suicide VBIED attack inside the besieged city of Sinjar
25:14 – Funeral of YBŞ guerrilla fighter in Sinjar
26:23 – Yezidi refugees and Shingal Resistance Unit
28:37 – Outro and closing thoughts
29:19 – Funeral of British YPG soldier Konstandinos Erik Scurfield
30:38 – Credits

The photography in this video and further writing can be found at:

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